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At we care about the accuracy, transparency, and objectivity of the data we publish. Our website is a resource for researchers who seek reliable information about the latest economic trends, financial products, services, and beyond, and for individuals who need guidance in making the best financial decisions for their businesses and families.

This mission requires us to monitor financial developments, scan the market for the most favorable offers, and conduct in-depth exploration of relevant sources – all of which requires a lot of time and effort. And that means expenses. There are significant costs associated with coordinating our bloggers, researchers, and developers. That’s why your support means a lot to us.

How can you contribute?

Perhaps you’ve noticed that there are no advertisements or annoying pop-ups on our site. We don’t like the way ads come between visitors and information and we don’t like the message they send about where a site’s allegiances lie. We are ad-free and independent, and we intend to remain so.

And you can help.

We’re not asking for fees or contributions, and we never will. is sustainable thanks to an innovative affiliate marketing mechanism. Every time you visit a financial institution’s website by clicking on Fortunly’s link, we get a micro-payment that helps us cover the costs of creating quality and insightful content.

It is important to note the following:

  • All our reviews of banking products and services are written BEFORE we enter into an affiliate relationship with a third party, which allows us to be completely objective. Our writers don’t know – and never will – which of the companies, services, and products they write about are part of the program.
  • If you sign up for a savings account, credit card, loan or other financial product through our website, the terms and conditions are the same as when you visit the website directly. (Actually, sometimes they’re even better.)
  • We never ask for personal data about you and we will never provide personal data to a third party.

Your support will never cost you anything, but your clicks are valuable to us.

Thank you in advance!

The Fortunly team