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Are you looking for a credit card with the most favorable APR? Mortgage plans that fit you personally? Can’t decide which loan is best to get the ball rolling on your business? Or maybe you’re uncertain which savings plan will guarantee you peace of mind?

Our team is committed to demystifying financial procedures, interpreting terminology, and reducing complex transactions into simple steps. We keep a vigilant eye on financial markets so you can make the best possible decisions with confidence. Fortunly’s experienced, passionate researchers bring you precise data from the most trusted sources and authorities, allowing you to comprehend the finance world from all angles.

The Fortunly Team


Igor Mitic
Author’s posts

Igor was a translator of professional literature in the fields of management, business and economy before he entered the world of marketing and advertising. For years, the clients he worked for were banks. This gave him an insider’s view of how banks and financial institutions create their products and services. At Fortunly, he uses the knowledge acquired as a banking copywriter to create valuable content that will help you make the best possible financial decisions.


Julija Andjelic
Author’s posts

Julija worked as a professional translator before beginning her career as a writer. With experience in both the financial and marketing industry, she’s a natural-born researcher who likes to stay up to date with the economy, politics, and tech. Andjelic is never happier than when she is assigned a long, complicated article that requires her to research economic principles, financial laws, and government policies. Andjelic writes feature articles and analyzes statistics for Fortunly as well as contributing timely articles to the news page.


Goran Dautovic
Author’s posts

Goran is a novelist and an avid student of history, with a great interest in geopolitics and larger mechanisms that run the global economy. Years of experience in the fintech sector saw him working with leading banks and financial institutions, eventually bringing him home to Fortunly. Now he combines his passion and accumulated knowledge to write about innovations and trends that are forever changing the world of finance and the economy as a whole.

Our Vision

Our ultimate goal is to become the internet’s most comprehensive source of information about financial products and services, as well as the economy in general.

We try to make finance not only interesting, but fun. We’ve packed our pages with a treasure trove of knowledge for researchers and curiosity-seekers. You’ll marvel at the amazing facts and stats we’ve pulled together – and you’ll quickly gain a better understanding of how money makes the world go round.
We are always grateful for comments and suggestions that can help make our site even better. So feel free to contact us and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.