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Fortunly is a channel committed to demystifying financial procedures, helping everyone understand the often complicated financial terms.

What Is Short Selling?

What is short selling? How do you short sell a stock? What is live trading? And is it all worth it? What is the best strategy for short selling stocks, and who is this mysterious short selling legend George Soros, who has been doing it so successfully for years now?

How To Pay Off Credit Card Debt?

How does the debt avalanche work? Why is debt snowball Dave Ramsey’s favourite debt repayment method? Why does Ramsey recommend debt snowball for paying off debt on a low income? Why does he recommend the debt snowball method when the debt avalanche plan makes more sense mathematically?

Investment Banking Explained

What is investment banking? How much do investment bankers earn? And what is the history of investment banking? Is it all expensive suits and luxurious dinners, or is there something dark behind all the glamour? In this video, we reveal the world of investment banking and show you how it all works.

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