BitPay Enables Global XRP Integration

Written By
G. Dautovic
August 17,2023

BitPay has announced global support for XRP on August 15th, allowing its users to purchase and store XRP on their wallets, engage in gift card transaaction, or use the cryptocurrency for purchasing goods and services through BitPay's partnered merchants.

This move marks another significant milestone in the growing worldwide adoption of XRP as a digital currency, which started gaining tract after a recent legal victory in its long battle against the SEC, where XRP was formally classified as a nonsecurity. As of today, 30 merchants have joined with BitPay to accept XRP payments, including companies like AMC Teathres and Hublot.

XRP has recently seen its highest price in well over a year, reaching $0.93 at the start of July, but has since dropped back to $0.58, as the bearish trend continues to outweigh the recent positive news. There are some experts who believe that XRP will once again reach at least its previous all-time high of $3, but it's uncertain when or if such a bullish run will happen. 

The XRP crypto is the worlds fifth-largest digital coin, with well over 1 million daily transactions, as the number of users purchasing and trading XRP remains steady.

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