4PropTrader Review for 2024: Features, Pricing and More

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G. Dautovic
March 11, 2024
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4PropTrader is a trading firm specialized in funding skilled futures traders. With over seven years of experience, and hundreds of success stories from traders worldwide, the company has become one of the most trusted online trading venues on the market.

Our in-depth review will evaluate the pricing structure and all the main features available, as well as compare the 4PropTrader’s offer to other leading futures prop trading firms.

Starting from $99/month

Trade with up to $250,000 in account balance

Get Funded

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Tradable Assets:
Platform Fees:
Profit Split:
100% on the initial $8000, then 95%
Refundable Fee:
Free Trial:
Minimum trading days:
Trading Platforms:
R|Trader Pro, Quantower, ATAS, Bookmap
Maximum Capital:
pros thumb up Strengths
  • Industry-high profit split on all account levels
  • Great variety of futures products to trade on
  • Zero platform fees
  • Large selection of technical tools
  • Cutting-edge trading platforms
  • Allows news trading
pros thumb up Weaknesses
  • No free trial

4PropTrader Overview

4PropTrader Overview

4PropTrader is a Dubai-based trading firm, created specifically for recruiting skilled futures traders who want to test their knowledge and strategies and trade with the firm’s capital, going as high as $250,000. 

The company aims to stand out from the competition through its tailored approach to trading, offering personalized support and market analysis, all while continually providing traders with the newest advanced tools and the most cutting-edge technological innovations.

4PropTrader Pricing & Plans

4PropTrader immediately stands out from other similar trading firms in its varied approach to trader plans.

Unlike the majority of the companies on the market which most commonly offer two or three different programs, 4PropTrader has six different plans to choose from, and what’s interesting and unique about the offer here is that all of the plans come with a fixed 95% payout, much higher than the industry averages, especially for accounts of smaller size.

All of the plans also have a fixed requirement of 10 minimum trading days (excluding weekends and holidays) to qualify for placement with the firm’s funding partners, although you are free to continue to trade until you reach the minimum requirements if it takes you a longer time.

Where the six offered plans differ though is, as expected, in the account sizes and the maximum number of contracts you can open, in the profit targets, as well as in the maximum End Of Day (EOD) drawdown limits. Each of the plans also comes with a different monthly subscription cost. 

We must note that the firm doesn’t offer a free demo account, which is not unusual for futures trading prop firms, but it also doesn’t have a refundable fee, the lack of which is mostly offset by the extremely high payout rates when compared to other similar firms.

The company also mitigates this by not subjecting traders to a minimum day requirement for payouts, and by having just one evaluation phase for each plan, unlike other firms which can have you go through multiple long stages of evaluation.

The Beginner Program is the cheapest option available at 4PropTrader, and comes with a $99/month subscription fee. This plan allows you to trade with capital as high as $10,000, allows for 1 contract, and has a $500 EOD.

It is a nice option for starters in the prop trading world, but the cost here slightly outweighs the benefits, and we’d recommend opting for the Basic or the Advanced Program instead.

These come with $25,000 and $50,000 in account sizes respectively, have higher EODs and allow you to open more contracts at once.

The Basic plan is limited to 3, while the Advanced plan allows for a maximum of 5 simultaneous contracts, for only a slightly higher subscription fee than the Beginner Program.

The three more advanced plans here are the Pro Program, the Exclusive Program and the Extreme Program. The Pro plan increases the account size to $100,000, has a profit target of $6,000 and allows for a maximum of 12 contracts, with a $3,500 Pro Drawdown EOD, for a subscription price of $229.

This can be a good starting point for more experienced futures traders who are confident in their strategies and skills, before opting for the Exclusive program, which raises the number of contracts to 15 and the Pro Drawdown EOD to $5,000, but comes with a higher profit target and a $280 subscription price.

Lastly, the Extreme Program represents the ultimate and all-encompassing offer available at 4PropTrader as of the writing of this review, allowing for 25 maximum contracts, and an account size of $250,000.

To be able to trade with such large capital successfully, you will have to meet the $10,000 profit limit and be able to pay a heftier $480/month subscription.

How 4PropTrader Compares to Other Futures Trading Firms

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4PropTrader Trading Instruments

As we stated earlier, 4PropTrader is exclusively a futures proprietary trading firm, so it’s logical that the only trading instruments available here are different types of futures, like precious metals, crude oil, natural gas, corn and more.

The full list of currently approved futures and financial exchanges you can trade on with 4PropTrader today is below.

  • CBOT: ZC, ZW, ZS, ZR, ZO

4PropTrader Deposits and Withdrawals

You can purchase a 4PropTrader subscription in multiple ways, including credit and debit card payments, as well as through PayPal.

The payment process is simple and and quick, so you can start your evaluation as soon as you make a deposit, and there are no platform fees if you’re using a trading platform which supports Rithmic connection, such as R|Trader Pro.

Withdrawing funds is also very user-friendly, and can simply be requested through a button on your dashboard, which seamlessly initiates the request processing which is usually completed within 48 hours.

Just note that the withdrawal limit threshold is $1,000 in your profit share.

There are no minimum day requirements for withdrawals with 4PropTrader, making the firm stand out from the competition in this regard, and after reaching a minimum withdrawal threshold of $3,500, you can start making unlimited profit withdrawals immediately.

Funded traders also do not have upper limits on withdrawals, offering unparalleled flexibility to withdraw without restriction.

Withdrawals are executed through a Bank Wire, and can be requested from Monday to Friday.

4PropTrader Customer Experience

We found the 4PropTrader website to be very customer-friendly, and the same goes for the company’s dedicated Android app.

All the important information and details are easily accessible, and the firm uses state-of-the-art encryption to protect each traders’ personal data, so you can rest easy regarding your sensitive info here.

Where we would like to see more in the future here has to do with the number of educational resources and training programs, as right now this is an area where 4PropTrader can improve on.

Still, the most commonly asked questions section of the website does provide detailed information about the things that interest the majority of traders, and 4PropTrader does a good job of explaining the key withdrawal and payout issues through graphs and simple-to-understand examples.

You can also contact the company's customer support service for any questions, either through email or the live chat option on the platform.

Bottom Line

All in all, 4PropTrader stands out as one of the most complete proprietary trading firms for futures traders on the market right now. With a variety of plans, an industry-high payout percentage and no withdrawal time limits, we can recommend it to experienced traders the most of all.