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First Access Visa® Card Review 2024

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I. Mitic
August 14, 2023
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The secret to happiness isn’t buried in some philosophical text. Sometimes, it’s simply the ability to purchase what you want and need when the time comes.

Indeed, purchasing power can be the difference between a comfortable lifestyle and one that isn’t up to scratch. Oftentimes, the amount of cash you’re generating just isn’t enough to handle all of life’s demands, which is why credit cards exist.

Most credit card approvals however require a fairly good credit score. But is there hope for people with bad credit? Read our First Access Visa® card review to find out.

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Credit Score: Fair/Bad

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Regular APR
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Credit Score
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No monthly fees and cash advance for the first year
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pros thumb up Strengths
  • Online application is easy and secure
  • Doesn’t require a perfect credit score
  • Initial credit line of $300
  • 24/7 online customer care center
  • Customizable card design
  • First year waiver on monthly servicing fee
pros thumb up Weaknesses
  • Requires a checking account
  • High APR
  • One-time start fee and monthly fee

First Access Visa® Card Overview

Getting credit approved can greatly improve anyone’s status. After all, it’s cash at your disposal that solves the most immediate problems. Maybe you need to refill your tank, pay the bills, or even sort out groceries; whatever it is, credit can help you meet all these basic needs when regular income doesn’t suffice. However, getting approved for a credit card is another matter entirely.

People who have had problems with credit know this tale all too well. Bad credit or low scores usually mean you don’t get access to the money you need. If you do, it will likely come with high rates and punitive conditions.

When it comes to the First Access credit card application process, people with bad credit get a bit of reprieve. The card is designed specifically for people with bad credit and low credit scores. The application process is very quick: it takes just minutes to fill out and you’ll get a response on the status of your application in even less time.

Where most credit card providers wouldn’t even look the way of low scorers, First Access encourages them to send in applications, regardless of how low they may rank. There’s no false hope here; those people have a high chance of actually getting approved credit card access.

So, what happens after the credit cards are approved? Let’s take a more detailed look at First Access Visa® Card reviews.

First Access Card Processing

Having decided to apply for the unsecured credit card, all you need to do is complete the form online. It usually takes just a couple of minutes, after which your application is processed. Responses are quick, coming in as little as 60 seconds after submission. Shipping usually takes from seven to 10 days, at which point you get your card, ready to use.

First Access Card Fees

This is where the problems with this credit card begin. For a product that is meant to ease the plight of people with low credit scores, there sure are a lot of auxiliary fees to be paid.

The First Access credit card processing fee starts off with a one-time fee to set up your account. For the first year, there are no monthly servicing fees, but subsequent yearly servicing fees come in per year, which is billed to the card on a monthly basis. An annual fee is also charged for the first year and year after that. For exact fee amounts you will need to check their Terms page.

There is also no cash advance fee for the first year, but after that you either pay $10 or 3% of the amount of each cash advance. To have your card delivered via express delivery costs $35, and additional cards to your account cost about $29 annually for each card.

How Does First Access Visa® Card Compare to Other Credit Cards?

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First Access Credit Card Payment

If keeping up with the processing fees and charges isn’t enough to put you off, then the other payments might just do the trick. The credit limit once you open your account is a reasonable $300, but the APR is sky-high. For detailed APR rates check out their Terms.

A late repayment on your credit will incur a charge of up to $40. If items already charged for payment on your account are returned, you’ll also be charged a maximum $40 returned payment fee. However, if you have neither made a late payment nor had a returned payment in the past six months of your billing record, those fees are reduced to $29 respectively.

First Access Credit Card App

While a dedicated mobile app would be great for monitoring your account and its activities, there is no such convenience for this card. A dedicated app could be an especially helpful savings tool considering the primary reason for having a First Access Visa® Card is to help people with low or bad credit scores build them up to a much more favorable position while still giving them access to credit facilities. It could help reduce the chances of late payments as well as monitor any increases in limits. Unfortunately, there’s no talk of an app being developed.

However, First Access credit card users can view their details and make necessary payments at If you’re looking to contact First Access Visa® Card customer service, that’s also easy. The customer care center is open 24/7 over the phone at (888) 267-7980 or email at [email protected].


After reviewing every aspect of this card, we can honestly say that there aren’t many benefits aside from the $300 initial credit line and the fact that pretty much anyone can get accepted. The extremely high APR and multitude of fees make this a fairly unappealing option.

Credit Increase

First Access card reviews your usage of the card for evaluation purposes, usually after 12 billing cycles. You can use this review to push for a First Access credit increase on your credit line. Applications for this service are usually successful, but they also incur extra fees.

The Bottom Line

It’s true that a First Access Visa® card offers a chance for people with bad credit to access credit facilities and build their credit score back up, but that’s just about the only reason you might consider this card.

Most First Access card reviews from credit card users present a mixed opinion at best. And while it’s true that the card does have high fees and a very high APR, its introductory cash advance is a good bargain for some, while it could help others who just want to build their credit score. Perhaps the best approach is to realise that the card is not a permanent option; it’s simply a tool to get users back on the right side of the credit line.

First Access Credit Card Q&A

Is First Access a good credit card?


Yes. While some First Access Visa® credit card reviews complain about the many fees on top of the high APR, First Access is a fair option considering it offers flexible credit requirements, is generally easy to use and access, and almost always has a positive impact on credit scores. Its customer service also performs admirably. Additionally, all three credit bureaus receive its annual credit report on accounts, so you're not just putting in work to build your score; that data is also being recorded where it matters.

Is First Access credit card legit?


Yes it is. Even though you might be wary of the high APR and multitude of costly fees, there’s no doubt that First Access is a legitimate card provider. The mere fact that it reports all activities to all three major credit reporting bureaus gives it credibility. In doing so, it also helps you build your credit score from the bottom up. There’s plenty of criticism that could be fairly directed at first access, but questioning its legitimacy wouldn’t be reasonable.

How do I pay my First Access credit card?


There are many payment options you can use to settle payments off a First Access card. Users can pay using PayNearMe or MoneyGram. Payment through this channel eliminates the wait time for payment processing, cutting it down to one day. However, should cardholders want to use more conventional payment methods, they can head to Unfortunately, this method of payment is subject to a hold-up of up to 14 days before full clearance. Users can also contact the customer care line at (888) 267-7980 for step-by-step guidance on payment.

Does First Access Visa® Card give increases?


Yes, there is a First Access credit card review on credit lines every 12 billing cycles. Based on the account holder’s performance and repayment abilities, credit limits can be increased from the $300 they initially start at. However, credit line increases do incur a fee when they are approved. Your account needs to have been active for at least 12 months/billing cycles, and the increment fee is 20% of whatever amount your new credit line is. Interestingly, this same process also applies if you use a Total Visa credit card.