FXCI Review for 2024: Challenges, Pricing & More

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G. Dautovic
June 20, 2024
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Founded in 2023, FXCI is one of the newer trading firms on the market dedicated to providing funds for traders around the world. Through an innovative evaluation approach, the company aims to identify disciplined and consistent traders, and offer them access to institutional capital.

In our review, we will go over what FXCI has to offer, how it fares against other similar trading firms, where it shines and where it might still lag behind, hopefully giving you a complete picture before you make a decision to go with this company as your choice.

Starting from $49

Trade with up to $200,000.

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Fortunly Rating

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Tradable Assets:
Forex, Metals, Indices, Commodities
Platform Fees:
Profit Split:
Up to 85%
One-step evaluation for Boosted challenges, two-step evaluation for Unlimited challenges
Refundable Fee:
Yes, upon successful completion of the challenge and first withdrawal
Free Trial:
Up to 1:100
Minimum Trading Days:
4 days for Boosted Challenges, 0 days with the Unlimited Challenges
Trading Platforms:
DXtrade, ThinkMarkets
Maximum Capital:
pros thumb up Strengths
  • Competitive profit split
  • No consistency rule
  • Bi-weekly payouts
  • 24-hour withdrawals
  • Simple qualification process
  • Diverse payment methods
  • Focus on trader development
  • Allows news trading, copy trading and hedging
pros thumb up Weaknesses
  • No free trial

FXCI Overview

FXCI Overview

From the moment it launched as a trading course in 2020, FXCI has been all about trader learning and empowerment. Two years later, the company rebranded itself as a prop trading firm, and launched a new website in 2023, with the goal of becoming a leader in the prop trading industry.

The company stands out through its generous profit sharing model, biweekly payments and support for various trading strategies, collaborating with top brokers on the market to ensure optimal trading conditions and support for talented traders.

FXCI Pricing & Challenges

FXCI challenges

FXCI offers one of the most diverse sets of options for traders to choose from when it comes to pricing and the ways you can opt to begin your evaluation journey.

For starters, the company has Unlimited or Boosted evaluation challenges. All Unlimited challenge options are two-step evaluations, while Boosted challenges only have a one-step evaluation program path.

To offset this, all Boosted challenges come with a bit higher entry price, and allow for less error in terms of maximum daily loss and drawdown, while also requiring a minimum of 4 trading days, compared to zero days in Unlimited Challenges.

The cheapest option available is priced at $49, for a $5,000 in account balance in the two-step evaluation challenge. In phase one, you have a profit target of 10% (reduced to 5% in the second phase), with maximum daily loss of 5% and maximum drawdown of $500.

Conversely, the priciest choice comes at a high cost of $959 for the maximum account size option of $200,000 in trading capital, in the Boosted, one-step evaluation challenge. To pass the challenge, you will have to actively trade for at least four days, with a profit target of 10%, and maximum daily loss of 3%

Between the cheapest and the most expensive choice there are ten more plans you can choose from, depending on your own personal trading preferences, funds and knowledge, so there’s plenty to choose from for basically anyone, whether you are less experienced or more knowledgeable and confident enough to go with the costlier options. 

We’d definitely recommend a more middle-of-the-road challenge for the majority of traders, however, as you’ll be able to trade with a large amount of capital while paying significantly less than for the most premium offers here.

Just note that all the Boosted, one-step evaluation challenges come with a significantly lower profit split percentage, and are capped at 60%, while all the Unlimited two-step challenges come with an 85% profit split ratio. So if you feel confident that you can pass both steps of these challenges, the potential future returns will be much higher.

Lastly, we feel it's important to point out that the company does give frequent promotions and discounts on its Discord channel, so it’s good to check it out and keep an eye out for any offer that may appeal to you in the future.

How FXCI Compares to Other Prop Trading Firms


From $49


Up to 85%



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FXCI Trading Instruments

FXCI leverages the reputable DXtrade platform, and allows you real-time access to financial markets and over 100 virtual assets to trade with during the evaluation process. The vast majority of instruments allowed here are Forex pairs, both majors and minors, but you can also trade in metals, indices and commodities.

Leverage for Forex trading is set at 1:100, while metals, commodities and indices come with a 1:50 leverage.

Trading Rules and Flexibility

The company provides a flexible trading environment with rules designed to accommodate various trading strategies:

  • Copy trading is allowed.
  • Trading during big news is allowed.
  • Martingale strategy is allowed.
  • Hedging is allowed.
  • No stop loss requirement.
  • All trades need to be closed by 3:45 pm EST on Friday.

FXCI Deposits and Withdrawals

FXCI offers a variety of payment options, making it easy for traders to buy challenges or withdraw earnings. Available payment methods include Stripe, Coinbase, PayPal, and AstroPay, as well as credit cards, Bitcoin, and other cryptocurrencies. The company is also preparing for an online payment processor for traders from Nigeria.

FXCI Customer Experience

The company prides itself on providing a user-friendly, secure and transparent trading space, and FXCI does a good job here, with all the relevant information easily accessible and visible from the homepage.

There is also a blog section with dozens of relevant articles for traders, and a small but very useful Help section, where most of the commonly asked questions are answered.

When it comes to customer support, FXCI agents can be reached 24/7, either through email via the company’s website, or through social media channels like Discord. The majority of users are pointing out the customer service as one of the best things about FXCI, and the company currently holds a strong 4.5/5 rating on Trustpilot.

Bottom Line

With a great variety of choices available to traders, we can recommend FXCI for both beginners and experts alike. And while we feel that a free trial option would be welcome, or that the help and educational sections of the site could be more rich, the overall quality of the offer here makes it incredibly easy to tailor your own trading journey to your specific needs, especially if you want to focus on Forex trading.