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G. Dautovic
January 09, 2024
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iubenda is a leading company for data privacy compliance solutions, specializing in creating and managing legal documents across multiple global legislations and different languages. 

Our in-depth review will explore all the currently available tools and products offered by iubenda, and compare the quality of the services offered to the market’s top competitors.

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Free Plan:
Services Offered:
Legal Documents, Privacy Controls, Consent Notice, Cookie Banner, Compliance Scanning, Centralized Consent Database, Whistleblowing Management Tool, Register of Data Processing Activities
Payment Options:
Credit Cards, PayPal
US, EU and Brazil Legislation
Refund Available:
US English, UK English, Italian, German, French, Brazilian Portuguese, Portuguese, Spanish, Dutch, Danish, Russian, Swedish, Greek, Polish
pros thumb up Strengths
  • Trusted by customers
  • Offers money-back guarantee
  • CMS plugins
  • Scalable solutions and plans
  • Easy to use
  • 1-click translation
  • Google Certified and IAB Verified CMP
  • Smart site scanner
pros thumb up Weaknesses
  • Limited legal advice

iubenda Overview

iubenda overview

Established in 2011, iubenda is a Milan-based company which specializes in helping businesses around the world adhere to legal standards and regulations related to online operations. The main focus of iubenda’s services are based around data protection and privacy laws, as well as e-commerce laws.

iubenda offers a “360° compliance solution” for your website or app — making it easy for businesses to be compliant with the online privacy laws across numerous jurisdictions and languages. 

In the years since its launch, the company has grown to become the market leader and now serves well over 100,000 clients from more than 100 countries worldwide.

It is one of the only services of its kind that allows you to comply with multiple global laws simultaneously from within a single dashboard and is both a Google Certified CMP and IAB verified partner.

The company was also heavily involved in setting the IAB Transparency & Consent Framework (TCF), which is a Google-backed framework that helps to ensure that both advertisers and publishers can respect the law when it comes to tracking & sharing personal data for advertising purposes and more (particularly in the EEA and  UK).

iubenda also makes it easy to comply with multiple US state privacy laws with a single click, and supports both GPC and GPP opt-out signals. 

iubenda Plans and Pricing

iubenda pricing

iubenda offers three different subscription packages to its customers, along with a Free Plan for websites with less than 5,000 page views per month.

While the free option can be useful for smaller apps and sites, it does come with a number of important limitations, and will not be the best possible option for the majority of customers looking for a comprehensive solution.

For example, the documents you receive via the Free Plan will have iubenda’s full branding on them, and will be available in just one language, and this option completely excludes the Terms & Conditions documents.

The first paid subscription plan starts at $5.99 per month, for one website or app, if you opt for an annual plan, or $6.99 if you opt for a monthly subscription choice.

The Essentials Plan allows for up to 20 third-party services and clauses to be added to your Privacy and Cookie Policy, features minimal iubenda branding on the documents created, but as with the free plan, the documents can be created in only one language, and you won’t have access to the Register of Data Processing Activities or the Whistleblowing Management Tool.

The Advanced Plan represents a much more comprehensive solution, but it comes with a steeper price, and you’ll have to pay either $27.99 for a monthly subscription or $24.99 per month/app if you opt for the annual payment plan.

The Advanced Plan allows you to create documents in all available languages, and features seamless integration of documents in your website or application, as well as geolocation-based consent settings.

It also allows you to create Terms & Conditions documents and doubles the page views per month to 50,000 for the Privacy Controls & Cookie Solution, but as well as with the Free Plan, it does not include the Whistleblowing Management Tool or the register of data processing abilities.

The most comprehensive plan, called the Ultimate Plan, is priced at $119.99 per month, or $99 per month if paid annually.

It is best-suited to larger websites and apps, and in addition to all the features included in the lesser plans also adds detailed analytics,cookie consent paywall, as well as the ability to recover users that reject marketing tracking.

This is also the only plan which features hourly compliance site scanning, fully taking advantage of the proprietary scanner technology that iubenda built, which will instantly notify you if it detects any non-compliance on your site.

The plan is the only option which features a register of data processing abilities and the Whistleblowing Management Tool.

If you own an enterprise or a large organization, you can also contact iubenda for a custom plan, and if you own an agency with multiple websites or apps, you can receive a quantity discount of up to 50% starting from the 26th app or website in your account.

How iubenda Compares to Other Similar Services

iubenda Logo

GDPR, UK GDPR, ePrivacy, CPRA, LGPD, FADP and several US State Laws (VCDPA, CPA, CTDPA, UCPA)



Free Plan:



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iubenda Customer Experience and User Satisfaction

iubenda has an overall great system set in place when it comes to helping their new and existing customers have the best possible experience on the platform. 

For example, if you’re not sure about which laws apply to your business, you can take a quick quiz and instantly get a clear understanding about the legal requirements and compliance recommendations based on your location. 

With this information, you can plan out your next steps and determine which plan and features will best suit your app or website before moving forward, or further exploring the specifics and details through the company’s extremely comprehensive knowledge base and the Getting Started guide.

You can also contact iubenda’s customer support service via email, through or through the company’s social media channels, and more comprehensive plans will also give you the option to have dedicated, 24/7 support for your business. 

iubenda’s customer service is highly regarded, with the company boasting a 4.6/5 Trustpilot rating, and the majority of positive comments pointing out the personal approach to customer support as iubenda’s strongest suit.

iubenda customer review example

iubenda customer review example 2

Overall, our impressions of the platform are highly positive as well, with the wealth of information and help provided here being at least on par, if not far above anything we’ve seen on the market so far.

Is iubenda Worth It?

With its subscription-based model and a limited free plan, iubenda can be considered to be a pricier solution than some of the company’s competitors, but the quality of features offered here more than justifies the price in the long run.

This is especially true for larger websites or apps with more page visits or those operating in multiple languages, as iubenda’s features such as automatic updates of generated privacy policies can keep you at peace when it comes to the ever-evolving online legal landscape across different jurisdictions.

Bottom Line

All in all, we’ve found iubenda to easily be one of the most comprehensive solutions of its kind on the market, and probably the most high-end service you can get at this moment.

With a human approach to customer service, a wealth of knowledge and a long track of success in the business, it can help your business, no matter how small or large it is.


Is iubenda a legitimate company?


Yes. iubenda was created by a team of expert lawyers, is a certified CMP partner with Google, and is verified by the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB).

What is iubenda used for?


iubenda was designed as a complete solution for helping your online business be compliant with global data privacy laws, providing essential legal compliance help across multiple jurisdictions.