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Progressive Pet Insurance Review 2024

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I. Mitic
August 14, 2023
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If you’ve ever shopped for any type of insurance, you’ve probably heard of Progressive. But did you know that this industry leader also offers coverage for our four-legged companions? By partnering up with Pets Best in 2007, this home and auto coverage giant has been able to add pet insurance to its long list of high-quality financial products.

You can add ours to the long list of Progressive Pet insurance reviews that praise the carrier’s comprehensive and customizable coverage options, flat rates on certain policy types, direct vet payments, and multiple discounts.

Deductible options
$50 - $1,000

Pets covered Dogs and cats

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$50, $100, $200, $250, $500, $1,000
70%, 80%, and 90%
$5,000/year or unlimited
Dogs and cats
Any licensed veterinarian
pros thumb up Strengths
  • Direct vet payments
  • Multiple discounts available
  • Annual deductible (not per incident)
  • No upper-age limits for enrollment
  • No network limitations
  • 24/7 hotline for pet health-related questions
  • Coverage in the USA and Canada
  • Flat-rate pricing on accident-only and wellness plans
pros thumb up Weaknesses
  • Few choices for annual limits
  • Pet insurance offered only to cats and dogs

Progressive Pet Insurance Overview

Founded in 1937, Progressive is one of the largest insurance companies in the United States. Best known for its home and auto policies, the carrier offers a range of more than thirty financial products, including pet coverage.

To create its pet insurance unit, Progressive has joined forces with Pets Best in 2007. Instead of issuing pet policies directly, the company works with a highly-rated pet insurance carrier and a pioneer in offering coverage for household cats and dogs. To put it simply – policies offered through this partnership are Progressive-branded but underwritten and administered by Pets Best.

By coming up with a new way to help pet owners get the right policies, the carrier has managed to offer trustworthy health insurance for cats and dogs and provide an opportunity for its clients to save on premiums by bundling a pet policy with other Progressive products.

Note that the carrier also offers a pet injury protection add-on as part of its auto insurance policies, but this service is not connected to the coverage offered through its partnership with Pets Best.

What makes Progressive animal insurance unique is the diversity of its plans that can be purchased at surprisingly low prices – monthly premiums start below $10/month for younger cats and dogs. Other advantages include flexible policy options, direct vet payments, multiple discount opportunities, and no upper age limits.

Overall, Progressive’s pet coverage options generally appeal to the insurance carrier’s existing clients who are looking for a recommendation from a brand they already know and trust. However, given the company’s flexible and affordable pet insurance policies that cover illnesses, accidents, and routine care, it’s safe to say that any pet parent can benefit from its options.

How Does Progressive Compare to Other Pet Insurance Companies?

Progressive Logo
Claims process time

2-5 days

Monthly premium starts at

$35-$40 dogs; $28-$34 (cats)

Healthy Paws Logo
Healthy Paws
Claims process time

Two business days

Monthly premium starts at

$25 (cats); $35 (dogs)

Figo Logo
Claims process time

Within 15 business days

Monthly premium starts at

$10 (cats); $16 (dogs)

Progressive Coverage

The range of conditions covered by Progressive pet insurance plans is pretty impressive. The company offers a comprehensive accident-illness plan that covers accident and illness exam fees for almost any minor or serious injury or disease, cancer treatments, hereditary and congenital conditions, acupuncture, rehabilitative and chiropractic treatments, hospitalization and surgeries, emergency care, specialist care, outpatient care, diagnostic testing such as MRI, CT scans, and X-rays, lab tests, medication injections, and prescription medications.

Progressive also has an accident-only plan that covers expenses for medical problems attributable to an accidental injury such as a car accident, trauma, poisoning, snake or insect bite, bone fracture, wound, torn nail, foreign body ingestion, laceration, cut, or abrasion.

As one of the best pet health insurance companies, Progressive also lets you add wellness and routine care to your plan. The wellness add-on covers certain amounts on treatments such as spaying/neutering, teeth cleaning, flea/tick prevention, heartworm prevention, rabies, vaccinations/titer, wellness checkups, blood, fecal, and parasite exams, urinalysis or ERD, microchips, and deworming.

Progressive pet health insurance is meant to help you with your furry companion’s future medical needs, so it doesn’t cover your cat’s or dog’s pre-existing conditions. These are defined accidents or illnesses that either occur or show symptoms prior to your policy’s start date or during the three-day waiting period for accidents or the 14-day waiting period for illnesses.

Prescription food, boarding, grooming, elective, preventive and cosmetic procedures, end-of-life costs, and other non-medical expenses are also excluded from all of Progressive’s plans.

Is Your Pet Eligible?

As far as eligibility qualifications go, a cat or dog of any breed that’s at least seven months old can apply for insurance via Progressive. Considering that some carriers insure pets as young as six weeks, while others will only provide coverage for pets that are at least eight weeks old, Progressive’s policies fall right in the middle.

Another great thing about this pet insurance provider is that it doesn’t set upper-age limits. You can get Progressive pet coverage even if your cat or dog is 20 years old. However, keep in mind that enrolling your pet while it’s still young is a much smarter option as premiums for older pets tend to be much higher, and geriatric pets are more likely to have pre-existing conditions that will be excluded from the policy.

Also note that, while Progressive offers coverage for pets located anywhere in the United States, the cost of your furry companion’s insurance may vary based on the state you live in.

Progressive Policy Plans

Progressive’s pet insurance policies come with quite a few customization possibilities. Pet parents can opt for accident and illness coverage, accident-only policies, or wellness and routine care for cats and dogs of any breed.

The insurer’s most comprehensive and most popular option, the accident-illness coverage, comes in the form of three different plans. The differences between the Essential, Plus, and Elite plans are minor, both in respect to cost and policy features. The Essential package is the most affordable one of the three and covers fewer types of treatment. For a slightly higher premium, you can get the Plus or Elite plans which include coverage for accident and illness exam fees and holistic care.

If you request a quote for pet insurance from Progressive, you’ll also be presented with an accident-only option. Designed for pet parents on a tight budget, this policy type is the most convenient way to ensure that your pet will get adequate emergency care should an accident occur.

Accidents can happen anytime and the treatments for injuries such as bite or claw wounds, lacerations, foreign body ingestion, or broken bones can be very expensive. For a low monthly premium, Progressive’s accident-only coverage will give you peace of mind knowing that your wallet will be protected from unexpected vet bills.

Progressive’s wellness coverage is available as a standalone policy and as an optional rider that can be added to accident-illness policies. There are two options, the EssentialWellness and the BestWellness plan. Both versions cover the same range of routine and preventive care treatments.

The only difference between the two options is the amount of total annual benefits per treatment type – the EssentialWellness plan is cheaper and comes with lower reimbursement amounts.

Another way to modify your Progressive pet insurance policy is by adjusting coverage levels. In addition to choosing a reimbursement rate and an annual deductible, you can also set your annual limit.

Progressive Policy Details

Much like policies offered by other carriers, Progressive pet insurance plans have waiting periods, age limits, and exclusions. Here’s an overview of the key features you should know about before applying for pet coverage by this provider:

  • Progressive pet insurance reviews the applications, but American Pet Insurance Company underwrites the policies.
  • Cats and dogs of any breed as young as seven weeks can enroll and there are no upper age limits.
  • Reimbursement rates range from 70% to 90%.
  • Annual deductibles range from $50 to $1,000.
  • There are no per-incident limits on accident- and illness-related claims.
  • The maximum reimbursement amount can either be unlimited or capped at $5,000.
  • You can adjust your coverage levels or cancel the policy altogether anytime.
  • There are three types of discounts: the multi-pet discount, the multi-policy discount, and the military discount.
  • The waiting period starts on day one of your policy effective date; there’s a three-day period for accident coverage, a 14-day waiting period for illness coverage, and a six-month period for cruciate ligament conditions.
  • All Progressive claims are filed directly with Pets Best, the insurance company that services these policies. The filing process takes no more than a few minutes if it’s done online or via the Pets Best mobile app. Claims can also be submitted via email, snail mail, or fax. Reimbursement takes two to five business days on average.
  • Vet Direct Pay: This optional service reimburses your veterinarian directly up to five days after the treatment, rather than reimbursing you for the vet bill.
  • Progressive insurance is accepted at any licensed veterinary office located in the United States or Canada.

Progressive Pricing & Discounts

When shopping for health insurance for pets, you should be aware of all the variables that will affect the overall cost of your policy. In addition to the coverage type that you decide to go for, the cost of medical insurance for your furry companion will also be determined by your location; your pet’s species, breed, and age; the deductible amount you can afford; and the reimbursement rate that you opt for.

Considering that Progressive pet insurance cost averages at $1 a day, it’s safe to say that this provider offers some of the industry’s most cost-effective coverage options. The carrier also provides a variety of deductible options ($50, $100, $200, $250, $500, and $1,000) and a solid range of reimbursement rates (70%, 80%, and 90%).

Unlike some of its competitors, Progressive offers its full range of deductible and reimbursement options to all applicants, regardless of the pet’s age, breed, and location. The last variable that can affect the overall cost of your policy is the annual limit. You can either opt for a $5,000 limit or go with the unlimited option.

As far as discounts go, Progressive’s insurance for dogs and cats comes with three different ways to lower your premiums. First, you can save by bundling your pet coverage with other insurance products offered by Progressive. Second, you can get a 5% discount if you purchase coverage for multiple pets. Third, if you are a military member or veteran, you can get an additional 5% discount.

Payments can be done on a monthly, quarterly, semiannual, and annual basis. Note that you can save on premiums if you opt for the annual payment options.

The insurer charges a flat $9 monthly rate for an accident-only policy, while wellness coverage options can either cost you $16/month (EssentialWellness) or $26/month (BestWellness). Here are a few Progressive quote examples for accident-illness policies:

  • For a two-year-old male Labrador Retriever located in Illinois (ZIP code 60290), the Plus accident-illness plan would cost $50.21/month if you opted for a $5,000 annual limit, a $200 annual deductible, and a reimbursement rate of 90%.
  • For a three-year-old female French Bulldog located in California (ZIP code 90001), the Essential accident-illness plan would cost $70.86/month with the 5% military discount, a $500 deductible, an 80% reimbursement rate, and no annual limits.
  • For a mixed-breed cat that’s less than a year old and located in New York (ZIP code 10001), the Elite accident-illness plan would cost $26.94/month if you chose a $250 annual deductible, a reimbursement rate of 70%, and no annual limits.

Progressive Customer Service

Should you need assistance regarding your Progressive insurance for dogs and cats, you’ll be redirected to Pets Best’s support team. For policy-related questions, customer service is available Monday through Friday from 5 a.m. to 7 p.m. MST and Saturdays from 6 a.m. to 2 p.m. MST. Ways to get in touch with support include phone and chat. For pet health-related questions, a line staffed with veterinary experts is available round the clock.

Claims Procedure

All claims are also processed by Pets Best insurance. The fastest way to submit a claim is via the company’s website or mobile app. However, if you don’t feel comfortable with digital filing, you can also submit your claim via email, fax, or even snail mail.

The Bottom Line

Backed by an industry giant and serviced by a dedicated and experienced animal insurer, Progressive pet insurance by Pets Best has a lot to offer: comprehensive coverage, flexible policy options, and price points we simply cannot argue with.

Given that Progressive pet insurance reviews your application and extends a customizable offer immediately, finding the right level of coverage is quick and easy. Still, its policy customization options fall slightly short of those by direct competitors.

In conclusion, if your plan is to go beyond the basics of accident-illness coverage, Progressive is one of the best pet insurance companies to go for, especially if you take into account that its rates on wellness and accident-only coverage won’t change as your four-legged companion grows older.


How good is Progressive pet insurance?


Best known for its home and auto policies, Progressive has partnered up with Pets Best in 2007 to offer pet care insurance. The carrier provides every type of mainstream pet coverage (accident-illness plans, accident-only coverage, and wellness policies) for slightly lower prices than most of its direct competitors. Given its wide range of affordable coverage options, it’s safe to say that Progressive offers excellent pet coverage.

Does Progressive have dog insurance?


Yes, it does. Dogs and cats of any breed that are at least seven weeks old can get accident, illness, and wellness coverage via Progressive.

How much is pet insurance through Progressive?


As far as pet insurance cost goes, Progressive has some of the industry’s most affordable options. The carrier charges a flat $9 monthly fee for its accident-only policies, while wellness coverage options are either $16/month (EssentialWellness) or $26/month (BestWellness). Accident-illness coverage options start at $30.06 for dogs and $16.52 for cats.

Is it worth getting pet insurance for my dog?


Making a decision whether to get medical insurance for your four-legged companion can be difficult, both economically and emotionally. Getting coverage for your pet while it’s still young and healthy may seem redundant; however, it’s much better to do so if you want to avoid exclusions on pre-existing conditions that may develop later on. If you’re unsure about the cost value of pet coverage, we suggest you request a few quotes. Progressive pet insurance reviews online applications very quickly and extends customizable offers that may give you a good idea of the amount of coverage you can get for your money.