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G. Dautovic
September 07, 2023
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The5ers (The5%ers) is a proprietary trading firm, founded in 2016 by Gil Ben Hur. The company is most famously known for creating the first instant trader funding program, and in the years since its founding has continued to be one of the industry leaders in innovation.

Our The5ers review will go deeper into the funding programs and features that the platform has to offer, as well as examining how this prop firm fares against its competitors in the ever-growing and highly competitive market.

Starting from $39

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Tradable Assets:
Forex, Metals, Indices
Profit Split:
Up to 100%
Refundable Fee:
Yes (with the High-Stakes challenge)
Free Trial:
Minimum trading time:
Up to 1:100
pros thumb up Strengths
  • Plans scale up to $4 million
  • One-time fee
  • Traders Community
  • All programs feature unlimited trading time
  • Traders can have up to 3 active accounts
  • Bonuses and salaries available
  • News trading is allowed
  • Fastest growth plan in the industry
  • Spreads from 0.1 pip
  • In-house education
pros thumb up Weaknesses
  • No ETFs or stocks are available

The5ers Overview

the5ers overview

The5ers’ Funding Traders & Growth Program was created with the idea of providing accessible and readily available capital to full-time traders, meaning that all funded accounts trade with real money.

This innovative approach to funding quickly made The5ers known among the prop trading community, and the company’s popularity has only grown in the years since. Today, The5ers stands as one of the industry leaders in terms of the features and the quality of service it offers to traders worldwide.

For starters, The5ers is easily among the best beginner-friendly platforms out there. There is an incredible amount of trading resources available on the website, ranging from trader interviews and blog posts, to coaching programs, trading courses, webinars, classes and workshops. 

More experienced traders can also find a lot of innovative perks and benefits here, including bonuses, monthly salaries and unlimited time on all programs, along with the fastest scaling plan that the industry has to offer today.  

The5ers is primarily a forex prop trading firm, but it does support trading with indices and precious metals. Also, the only trading platform available is MetaTrader 5 (The5ers has their own license), which may be disappointing to those who are used to having more choice in regards to this. Still, MT5 is the most popular trading platform in the world for a reason, and this won’t be an issue for the majority of people out there.

The5ers Funding Programs

the5ers funding

The5ers currently has three different funding programs, each with its own set of advantages and disadvantages.

Bootcamp Program

The first and the cheapest program is called the Bootcamp program. It was created with the idea of offering the industry’s only low-entry-cost challenge, and as a test of discipline and consistency.

the5ers bootcamp

All traders that sign up for the Bootcamp program have to complete a three-phase demo account challenge first in order to prove their skill. The entry cost for the demo account is $95 for the $100k account, or $225 for a $250k account. 

There are no minimum trade requirements and as with any other The5ers program, you also have unlimited time to complete the stages, but keep in mind that your account will expire if you have 14 days of inactivity (you have the opportunity if you can’t trade to freeze your account with a click of the button).

the5ers bootcamp scaling

Once you’ve completed the challenge phases, you will have to pay the rest of the one-time fee, which amounts to $110 for the $100k account, and $125 for the $250k account. After this, you can start trading with a live funded account and are eligible for a profit split.

If you opted for a $100k account, you will get a 75% payout ratio from the second stage, up until the $2 million mark, after which the profit split rises to 80%, and goes to 100% at the $2.5 million mark.

Traders that start with a $250k account will follow the same payout rules, but are inherently several steps ahead due to the larger account size. The maximum growth for both accounts is set at $4 million

The leverage for the Bootcamp program is set at 1:10, and you can have three different accounts active at the same time. News trading and holding open trades over night and over the weekend is also allowed.

Every time you reach the 5% target, you will scale up.

Hyper Growth (Instant Funding) Program

The second plan offered by The5ers is called Hyper Growth, and it was created with the idea of providing the highest-success rate that the industry has to offer.

the5ers hyper growth program

This program will be well-suited to traders of all experience levels, and it has 3 different plans to choose from. The cost for a $10k account is a $260 one-time fee, the $20k account costs $450, and the $40k account will cost you $850.

You can trade in FX, metals and indices, with leverage of 1:30 and profit split that scales up to 100%. As with other trading plans offered by the company, there are no minimum day or trade requirements here, and you are allowed to hold trades over the weekend or overnight. 

what is the5ers hyper growth program

You double your funded account on every 10% gain, and you will receive bonuses to your HUB along with the profit split. The maximum growth is set at $4 million, like with the Bootcamp program.

First payout becomes available 14 days after you receive the funded account, and any additional payout is set every two weeks after that.

High Stakes Program

The5ers has recently introduced its newest, two-step funding program, created for traders looking for high-risk, high-reward proprietary trading experience.

the5ers hyper growth program

The High Stakes program offered by The5ers has four different plan choices, with the lowest option, a $5k account costing just $39. A $20k account costs $165, a $60k account costs $300 and the largest, $100k account comes with a one-time fee of $495.

Once you’ve passed through the evaluation stages (Step 2), you will get a refund on your initial fee, no matter which of the four accounts you choose to opt in.

After passing Phase 1, you'll have the opportunity to receive part of the fee in credit hub, that you can use for future purchases

All of the plans also come with a scalable profit split ranging from 80% to 100%, along with the addition of monthly salary. The accounts themselves can scale up to $500k, the DD is the largest offered on the market, and the leverage is the highest you can get with The5ers, set at 1:100.

Traders are allowed to have one $5k account and one account of any other size, for a maximum of 2 active accounts. As with other plans offered by The5ers, there are no time limits or minimum trade requirements, and the maximum daily loss is set at 5%

Traders on all four plans will have to have a minimum of 3 profitable days, and the profit targets on all plans are set at 8% for the first step and 5% for the second step, while the funded account traders have to have a 10% profit to be eligible for growth and it’s the fastest scaling plan in the industry.

How The5ers Compares to Other Prop Trading Companies

The5ers Logo

Forex, Indices, Precious Metals


Up to 100%


Up to 1:100 (with the High-Stakes program)


From $39

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The5ers Customer Support

The company has a highly regarded customer service staff, and can be reached 24/7, either via email, or through live chat and phone. The5ers website itself has a robust FAQ section and a wealth of educational resources that can help you with most of the questions that you may have.

The5ers Customer Reviews

As of the time of writing of this review, The5ers has an overwhelmingly positive 4.8/5 score on TrustPilot, from over 1,375 reviews. The customers are praising the quality of the platform’s dashboard, customer service and the Bootcamp Program the most. 

In Conclusion

All in all, The5ers remains one of the top prop trading platforms on the market. With the fastest growth plan available anywhere, a website rich with resources and the ability to earn bonuses and salary, it is easily one of the best choices available to experienced forex prop traders and beginners alike.


Is The5ers legit?


Yes, The5ers is a legitimate prop trading company, focused on providing capital funds to individual forex traders. The5ers is headquartered in Israel, and has offices in London, UK.

What is the profit split offered by The5ers?


The5ers offers up to 100% profit split on its High Stakes evaluation program.

What trading platform does The5ers use?


The5ers uses the cutting-edge MetaTrader 5 trading platform, created by MetaQuotes.