Illinois Takes On Uninsured Motorists With Random Electronic Checks

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G. Dautovic
March 14,2022

Starting on July 1, Illinois will be using random electronic checks to detect drivers without auto insurance in an attempt to reduce the current estimated 15-18% of 8.5 million motorists driving without one.  

The program has aroused great expectations, as the Illinois Insurance Association estimated that it would increase the number of drivers with insurance by 4% to 5%. 

IIA’s executive director, Kevin Martin, explained that the new regulation is based on a similar program that has proved successful in eight other states. “It worked. They were able to cross-check individuals and find out who was uninsured. They were able to do it in a very efficient manner. And that is what we are looking for here,” Martin said.

The new rule will not affect insured drivers in any way, but these checks might prompt the uninsured motorists to purchase good bike insurance sooner than they have planned. If caught by random checks, the uninsured drivers will get a letter from the Secretary of State’s office allowing them enough time to prove they have active auto insurance or buy one. 

If the drivers don’t comply, they will face having their license plates suspended and will be required to pay a $100 fee to have them reinstated. Still, purchasing insurance in the first place or paying the fee in the worst-case scenario is a much better option than getting caught driving without insurance, which could result in a $1,000 fee together with having both one’s driver’s license and license plates suspended.

If a motorist receives the letter, they should contact their old or new insurance company and provide them with the reference number in the letter. From there, it is the company’s or agent’s responsibility to confirm with the Secretary of State that the driver already has, or has just purchased, auto insurance.  

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