Flowhub Cannabis Platform Adds Point-of-Sale App

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Julija A.
August 27,2019
The publisher of a leading store-management platform for the cannabis industry has announced an addition to its cloud-based software for retailers. Flowhub’s new Cashier application is intended to make inventory management easier, simplify compliance, make checkouts speedier, and improve the consumer experience.

Flowhub says it has enhanced its store-management platform by breaking sales support into a stand-alone app that handles front-of-house and point-of-sale tasks. Among the new features are functions to coordinate discounts across multiple locations and a streamlined in-store pick-up process.

"The technology stack that powers today's modern dispensary is at the epicenter of executing a successful retail operation," said Flowhub CEO Kyle Sherman. "Every dispensary has a unique and differentiated business model, which requires a reliable and scalable point-of-sale platform to holistically manage their front- to back-of-house operations. With our focus on providing an integrated retail platform, we are making it easier than ever before for cannabis businesses to build their customized tool stack and deliver a modern retail experience to help them thrive in today's highly competitive and regulated market."

The Cashier app will support salespeople in delivering a superior point-of-sale experience for consumer transactions, Sherman says. It is a dedicated app that can be downloaded onto any point-of-sale terminal, including PCs, Macs, iPads, and tablets.

Budtenders and and sales associates can benefit from a new level of flexibility because the app will deliver faster transactions, better performance, and a more user-friendly interface. The separation of Cashier from Flowhub’s back-of-house store-management functionality allows budtenders to access essential information needed to perform a successful transaction. Executives also benefit because they can rest assured that store-level employees can’t access back-of-house settings and reports.

The fact that Cashier can be run on tablets means that store staff will no longer be tied to the counter. They can move around the store and talk to customers, using Cashier to access key information and look at previous purchases. This can result in better interaction and offer a high quality experience.

Cashier is already in use at the cannabis shops of retailer Green Dragon. “We’ve been using Flowhub since 2016, and it’s been an overwhelmingly positive experience with a great return on our investment,” says co-CEO Alex Levine. "As one of the early users of Cashier, we've experienced a two-times faster transaction speed, which allows us to serve more consumers and steadily grow our business. Cashier integrates seamlessly with the rest of the Flowhub platform and it has made life so much easier for my staff. We're excited to continue to partner with the Flowhub team as we look to expand our operations across North America."

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