Visa Announces New Benefits for Its Cardholders

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G. Dautovic
September 24,2021

On September 20, Visa announced three new benefits for its cardholders, who will now have more advantages and discounts when using Shipt, Sofar Sounds, and Skillshare. All these benefits come at no additional cost for Visa credit card holders.

These new benefits will be available primarily to those using the Visa Infinite or Visa Signature Card. Regular Visa users will still benefit but to a limited extent. The supported cards include the popular Chase Sapphire Preferred, Chase Sapphire Reserve, and Capital One Venture Rewards Credit Card. All of these are already excellent choices as cards for travel rewards or for those looking for a zero-interest credit card

Visa’s partnership with grocery delivery service Shipt will allow for reduced delivery costs or lower membership prices for Visa cardholders. 

  • All cardholders will get a one-month free membership with Shipt. The following three months will be offered at 50% off, plus free delivery for orders over $35.
  • Visa Infinite cardholders will get up to three years of free Shipt membership and free delivery on orders over $35. A year of Shipt membership costs $99 per year, which is almost $300 saved for Infinite cardholders.
  • Visa Signature cardholders will get three months of free Shipt membership. The following nine months are 50% off, and the free delivery on orders above $35 still stands. 

The Visa Infinite and Signature also qualify for Skillshare benefits. Both Infinite and Signature cardholders get three months of free membership on this online learning platform. Visa Infinite holders get an additional 30%, and Signature holders get 20% off for annual renewals.

Since a Skillshare membership runs at $32 per month or $180 yearly, this is a significant discount. With either membership, users will get unlimited access to all courses.

Visa’s partnership with Sofar Sounds, a network that organizes small concerts all over the world, gives all Visa cardholders the opportunity to participate in exclusive presales seven days ahead. They also get a free ticket with each purchase of one or more tickets throughout the presale window.

Unfortunately, free access is limited to two purchases per year. However, with Visa Infinite and Visa Signature, holders get unlimited free tickets with each purchase.

About Shipt

Shipt is currently available in over 5,000 US cities and has partnered with over 100 retailers. Typically used for grocery store purchases, it also allows other orders. For example, you can order from drug, liquor, pet stores, and larger big-box retailers, including Costco and Target.

About Skillshare

Skillshare is a learning platform that offers thousands of courses on various subjects, such as web design, investing, music or video editing, and much more. 

About Sofar Sounds

Sofar Sounds is a populous international community of artists, fans, and hosts who organize numerous small concerts worldwide. These concerts are announced via email the day before, the venues are typically small, and the audiences are often not larger than just a few dozen people.

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