Employers Plan to Maintain or Grow Workforce: Survey

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I. Mitic
September 10,2019

Twenty-two percent of American employers say they plan to increase hiring during the fourth quarter of 2019. Another 72% say they plan to keep their workforce at current levels.

That’s the good news from a survey of more than 11,500 American employers conducted by ManpowerGroup, which provides recruitment and other services to employers and prospective employees. The survey shows a good outlook for Americans seeking work.

More than 27% of respondents in the leisure and hospitality industry reported that they intended to boost payroll in the fourth quarter. Also hiring are firms in the professional and business services category: 24% say they are seeking new workers.

The holiday shopping season is always good for employment in wholesale and resale trade businesses, 23% of which will be running Help Wanted ads next quarter. And 22% of transportation and utilities enterprises are looking for more workers during the last months of the year.

"We're still in a time of unprecedented opportunity for US workers, as there are more open jobs than there are people actively seeking work," said Becky Frankiewicz, president of ManpowerGroup North America. Frankiewicz noted that more businesses are looking into upskilling employees than in the past two years.

Companies in Nevada, Utah, Kansas, and North Carolina reported the strongest jobs outlook. A fifth of companies in the American midwest region expect to expand, followed by 19% in the west.

Payroll processor Oasis confirmed the rosy hiring outlook in its own survey of 319 American small-business owners. Oasis reports that 41% plan to hire more workers over the next 12 months.

Small businesses included in this survey were companies with less than a hundred employees each. Oasis says 89% were privately owned.

Bottom line: The employment market looks promising in the US over the short term. Barring recession and depending on skills and preferences, job seekers should not have a hard time finding employment over the next year.

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