Pet Owners Concerned About Pet Care Costs as They Head Back to the Office

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G. Dautovic
March 14,2022

Workers are gradually being called back to offices, but for many, the return to normality requires notable changes to their pandemic-era routines. A new survey shows that 74% of pet parents anticipate new pet care costs as they prepare to return to in-person work. Others are thinking about getting new jobs with better pet benefits.

According to the Pet Parent Pulse Survey conducted by MetLife, 95% of the respondents anticipate that their return to the office will cause a change in their pet’s routine or have an impact on their pets’ overall health. Of those, 24% are worried that the sudden change will make their pets more anxious, 23% are concerned about eating routine disruptions, and another 24% believe their pets will act out. 

38% of working pet parents plan on investing in additional support, like a pet daycare or a pet sitter. 29% of the owners say they will adjust their work hours, while 23% agree to take a pay cut to be able to continue working remotely.

Another interesting revelation shows that 67% of working pet owners are either actively searching for another job or thinking about making a change. Meanwhile, 51% said their current employer doesn’t offer adequate pet benefits, which could be the deal-breaker in the coming months. 

In fact, many respondents (51%) said that pet insurance benefits and flexible job hours (45%) will play a major role in their decisions about future employment. 

The vice president of MetLife Pet Insurance, Katie Blakeley, had a word of warning for employers. 

"When considering benefits to help attract and retain employees, employers should keep in mind that many of today’s employees are pet parents with financial apprehensions around the impact this eventual transition will have on their pets’ well-being," Blakeley said. "In the end, offering comprehensive benefits that meet all employees’ needs is a surefire way to maintain an engaged, productive and happy workforce."

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