Doola Startup Raises $3M in Seed Funding

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G. Dautovic
November 18,2021

Doola, a New York-based startup that helps international entrepreneurs set up US businesses, raised $3 million in seed funding. The funding round was led by Nexus Venture Partners and brought the startup’s total funding to $3.6 million.

Besides Nexus Venture Partners, Y Combinator, a startup accelerator company also participated in the funding. Other backers include Hustle Fund, Psion Capital, Translink Investment, as well as a group of angel investors. 

Doola first appeared in 2020 under the name StartPack when it moved away from another startup called Standups. Co-founded by Arjun Mahadevan and JP Pincheira, the startup specializes in helping non-US residents form LLCs in America.

LLCs are a sort of a middle ground between sole proprietorships and corporations, protecting the owner’s personal assets from business-related debts. Launching an LLC can be a time consuming process that involves a lot of paperwork. This may be exceptionally tricky for foreign nationals, especially since you’re required to have a physical address in the state before creating an LLC.

Doola covers each step of the LLC formation process, including providing a US address and bank account, getting a business Employee Identification Number or EIN, and gathering and filling in all formation documents, US tax support, tax consultation, and a phone number. On top of that, clients gain access to a registered agent, a legal requirement to form an LLC in the US, and $50,000 in startup rewards.

With Doola’s help, entrepreneurs are free to conduct their business legally in the US, avoiding the usual roadblocks that keep non-US residents out of the market. Doola’s LLC starter pack will set you back $349 annually + the state filing fees.

But according to Mahadevan, the startup is more than just a formation service.

“We’re a full-service fintech company,” the co-founder said. “Formation is our wedge to build the operating system for creators globally: from formation to financial to legal stack, by providing technical, educational and personal support every step of the way”. 

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