Most Stolen Cars in the US for 2023

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December 19,2022

Car theft is surging in cities across the United States. But some models are more popular than others. So if you own any of the vehicles on our list of the most stolen cars in the US or if you’re considering an auto loan to purchase one, you might want to make sure your doors are locked. 

How Many Cars Have Been Hot-Wired?

According to statistics from the FBI, there were 719,552 vehicles that were stolen in the United States in 2019. These alarming statistics have only been exacerbated by the socio-economic instability brought on by the pandemic.

And even though recent years haven’t been as bad as the thriving auto theft days of the 1980s, many major cities are witnessing an increased number of stolen cars. 

That’s why it’s important to make sure that your vehicle is insured, protected and difficult to steal. You can’t afford to let your guard down, and investing in vehicle security is imperative. Everything from alarm systems to wheel locks is worth considering if you want peace of mind. 

What Are the Most Stolen Cars in America?

Let’s take a closer look at some car brands that are commonly targeted by thieves in the US. 

Ford Pickup 

In 2021, the Ford F-Series sold 877,720 units, accounting for more than 14% of the global market share. This has been the best-selling vehicle in the US for the last four decades, but it’s also the number 1 most stolen car in America. 

In 2020, the total number of Ford F-series thefts stood at 44,014, which marked a 13% increase from the year before. The most popular model among thieves is the 2006 F-series truck.  


In addition to being a very popular car brand, the Honda Civic 2000 model is also highly vulnerable. 34,144 units of this vehicle were stolen in 2020 alone. 

Honda lacks some of the more advanced anti-theft technology found in modern cars. Moreover, there are a lot of Honda vehicles in circulation across the country, and different models use some of the same parts.

This makes Honda a lucrative grab for chop shops and certainly explains why this brand is near the top of our list of the most stolen vehicles in the US. 

Chevy Silverado

This is becoming one of the most popular vehicles among car thieves, with a 26.7% spike in the number of stolen Chevrolet pickups between 2019 and 2020. The pickup stands out thanks to its powerful engine and great towing capacity. The 2004 model is one of the cars most likely to be stolen. 

Toyota Camry 

The Camry is the best-selling family sedan in the US, and shifts in consumer preferences haven’t impacted its status as an efficient and safe vehicle.

For car thieves, this translates into both demand and plenty of opportunities because a lot of people own a Toyota Camry, and many of them need spare parts.

With nearly 17,000 units snatched in 2020, this is among the most popular stolen cars in the country.

Nissan Altima  

Economical and uncomplicated, the Altima is one of Nissan’s crown jewels. But this five-passenger and four-door sedan hasn’t been overlooked by car thieves who stole more than 14,600 of them in a single year. The 2020 version is especially popular among criminals and buyers.    

GMC Pickup 

GMC is no longer associated with working-class trucks. This is now a luxury brand that produces pricey, high-end pickups with advanced features.

In other words, this is a big payday in the underworld. The most popular target for criminals is the 2005 model year.  

Toyota Corolla 

The Corolla is perhaps best known for its value and for being a fuel-efficient compact sedan. This has contributed to high sales figures and, by extension, to a high number of thefts.

In 2020, there were more than 12,500 units stolen, with the newer models emerging as some of the most frequently stolen cars.  

Dodge Pickup 

By now, you’ve probably realized that heavy-duty vehicles tend to attract all sorts of unwanted attention. When it comes to this particular pickup, the most stolen iteration among the 11,991 units that were snatched is the 2001 model year. It’s not hard to explain these trends.

The 2001 version is no longer being produced, and as such, there is a serious shortage of engine parts on the market. As is the case with all popular but discontinued models, car thieves are simply responding to the market demand.  

How to Protect Your Car from Being Stolen

Regardless of what type of vehicle you have, there is a chance that it can end up being stolen. This is why it’s important to shield your car from criminal elements that are becoming increasingly sophisticated in hot-wiring some of the most secure models on the market.

Below are different steps you can take to protect your vehicle from being stolen:

  1. Install a tracking system so that you know where your vehicle is at all times. 
  2. Consider getting a vehicle immobilizer system installed.
  3. Install an anti-theft device and an audible alarm system so that you are immediately alerted if anyone tries to break into your vehicle.
  4. Park in areas that are well-lit, making it more difficult for someone to steal your car.
  5. Close the windows - you may be surprised to hear that many people accidentally leave their car windows open, making the job for criminals that much easier. 
  6. Do not leave your spare keys anywhere near your vehicle. 
  7. Make sure your keys are removed from your vehicle at all times, even if you’re just running into a nearby grocery store to grab some milk.
  8. Always double-check that your car doors are locked. Remember, you don’t want to make life easier for the criminals.  

Final Words

Armed with the knowledge about some of the most stolen cars in the US, you are now aware of both the risks to your vehicle and certain measures you can take to alleviate those risks.

Of course, at the end of the day, it doesn’t really matter what kind of car you drive. It’s important to employ the different security systems to keep your vehicle out of the hands of criminals. 


What is the number 1 stolen car in America?


The number 1 most stolen car in America is the Ford F-series pickup, with 44,014 units of this vehicle stolen in 2020. The second most stolen car is the Chevrolet pickup (40,968 units), followed by the Honda Civic (34,144) and the Toyota Camry, with 16,915 units stolen in 2020.

Which cars are least likely to be stolen?


Tesla vehicles are among the cars that are least likely to be stolen, according to a study that was carried out by the Highway Loss Data Institute.

What state has the most stolen cars?


California leads the way when it comes to motor vehicle theft, with an average of 155,211 vehicles stolen per year. This is considerably more than Texas, which is in second place, with 69,817 vehicles stolen. Florida is in third place with 41,165 vehicles stolen. Furthermore, there are 27,677 vehicles stolen in Washington every year.

What city in the US has the highest rate of car theft?


Considering that California has the most stolen cars, it’s not surprising that the highest number of vehicles are stolen in Bakersfield, CA. This city just north of Los Angeles is followed by Yuba City, CA, Denver-Aurora-Lakewood, CO, and finally, Odessa, TX.

Are white cars more likely to be stolen?


Research shows that color matters to car thieves. Silver is apparently the most popular color because it’s associated with both luxury and speed. White is second on that list, followed by black, gold, and green.

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