How Startups Are Disrupting the Financial Ecosystem

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G. Dautovic
May 21,2024

Disruptions in financial services are nothing new, but the rate at which modern technological advancements are changing the landscape is unprecedented.

The last time established financial giants were forced to adapt to such sweeping changes was in the era of the dot-com phenomenon. The sudden blooming of the internet as a business platform heavily disrupted the preexisting financial order - but it was only a precursor to the fintech revolution that we are living through right now.

To paint a clearer picture of how this emerging startup financial model is threatening to upend the world order, we have braved a deluge of the latest, most relevant research data. Our goal: to pick out the most relevant and fascinating financial facts, bringing them to you in a modern-looking infographic that mixes art and statistics into a source of accessible, important information.    

The graphic results appear below. Our infographic encompasses all the significant disruptions that fintech solutions are causing in the world of finance. Whether we’re talking about mobile wallets and cashless transaction systems or the rise of blockchain and AI, all the key facts and figures about finance startups are right here.

Infographic explaning with images how startups disrupt finance ecosystem.

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