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Taxation Around the World

Taxation Around The World Infographic - Featured Illustration

Benjamin Franklin famously said that life’s sole certainties are death and taxes. It’s curious, given their universality, that we avoid thinking about these realities. But taxes are not merely worth thinking about, they’re fascinating. And they come in countless varieties.

The all-encompassing, deceptively brief infographic we present here includes specific examples of taxes around the world and how different conceptions of taxation are evolving in the digital era. We use images to untie the conceptual knots and tease apart the strands of similarity that serve as the warp and woof of worldwide taxation. Understanding the variety of tax systems around the globe can lead to renewed appreciation of the creative capacity of the human spirit.

Yes, taxes.

The United States has federal taxes, of course, plus distinct tax laws in each of the 50 states. We use America as a benchmark to compare the lowest- and highest-taxed countries in the world. We explore relationships among political systems and tax codes. We highlight curious facts, unsuspected trends, and obscure figures of urgent relevance.

The results of our extensive research, data collection, and artistic ingenuity are arrayed in the detailed graphic you see here. It’s jam-packed with important statistics, tidbits about the states with the highest taxes, digital taxation, corporate tax rate by country, and much more. Whether you’re looking for today’s numbers or projections about the future of taxation, it’s all here.

No one enjoys paying taxes, but we hope you will enjoy learning about them here.

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