Settleitsoft Introduces Free Debt Settlement System

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I. Mitic
March 16,2020
Settleitsoft has introduced a free debt-settlement app and negotiation platform.

The company’s web-based Settleitsoft negotiation platform is intended to help users protect themselves from deceptive and predatory debt collectors.

Available in both English and Spanish versions, Settleitsoft supports users in negotiating debt settlements that protect their legal rights and their interests against high-pressure collection tactics from debt collectors associated with banks, credit card companies, student-loan servicing companies, and medical institutions.

The Federal Trade Commission reports that debt collections tops its list of consumer complaints, accounting for 29% of complaints. As many as 30 million Americans have at least one delinquent credit account that has been referred to a collection agency.

The US Fair Debt Collection Practices Act of 1977 establishes rights for debtors in the United States - including the right to specify in what manner creditors contact them. When users specify the Settleitsoft platform as their preferred communications medium, collection calls stop and users are empowered to resolve their debt obligations without pressure or threats.Settleitsoft says its platform handles every part of the debt negotiation and settlement process, including negotiating repayment schedules and writing settlement agreements. The online platform eliminates confrontations between consumers and bill collectors. Users can stop the flood of harassing collection calls and get on with their lives.

"By changing the debt settlement industry paradigm, debtors may inform their creditors of their intention to only communicate and negotiate debt settlement arrangements through the Settleitsoft platform,” says Settleitsoft CEO Antonio Garcia, “thereby stopping debt collector harassment and protecting themselves against deceptive debt collection methods.”

The system also helps prevent scam artists from obtaining consumers’ credit reports and scaring them into making payments to fraudulent accounts.

No-cost subscriptions and additional information are available at Settleitsoft.
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